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We designed the ultra-light book holder (10-12 gr) that fits your thumb like a ring and holds the pages of the book wide open. This is an elegant, useful tool for book-reading with one hand on the bus, train or anywhere.

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Andezia Thumb Book Holders are wooden and natural, finished by hand and covered by natural vegetal based oil.

Hand Finished

All Andezia products are %100 hand-finished and sanded by hand.

Different Wood Types

Beech, American Walnut or Mahogany. Different woods has different grains and colors. So if you want a dark color and fully grained you can select one of them, or if you want lighter one, you can.

For Both Adult and Child

3 different hole sizes are available different user groups. You can fit your thumb to one of them and use easily.

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If you desire to offer your customers high quality products that are made by Andezia, please feel free to contact us via email at


All features of Thumb Book Holders are shown in below. You can find details of our features like Natural, easy use, hand-finished, ecologic, ultra light weight and more.


All Thumb Book Holders are natural and solid wood. You can feel the nature of wood when you are using


We produce all our products with handmade. All sanding, colouring and production processes are handmade


You can put in your pocket. No sharp edge or corner. It is safer !


All wooden products are ecological. Thumb Book Holders are coloured with natural oil which is consistant with DIN 71-3 Child Safety standarts.


You can carry it whereever you want. Your pocket, bag or anywhere !


You can select your wood type and hole size easily. Everbody has a different taste of wood pattern and thumb size.

If you want to purchase our product, please visit our Official Website You can reach our other products made with high quality and hand finished.


Thumb Book Holders have different wood types like American Walnut, Beech and Mahogany. You can find different grains and colors of our all thumb book holders.

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